Since 2006, Peter Kurgan’s studio is located in the heart of Potsdam’s famous Dutch quarter. Peter has been working as a freelance Painter and photographer for over thirty years. Continuous study visits to the Canary Island of Lanzarote form the base of his works. 

Peter creates paintings that are unique in their own way - and change looks in fascinating ways, without utilizing traditional colors. It takes multiple processes - using volcanic ash from Lanzarote, Gemstone Powder - and numerous colorful desert sands from all over the world - to finalize a painting. 

Using heat, vacuum, different types of sand and a uniquely developed Binders help to „growing“ his pictures over months - a process that involves more than 30 years of development work. 

His paintings „live“ - and change appearance with shifting light conditions. The main characteristic is, however, that each picture emits its own energy, which - according to the artist's claim – must be tangible. 

For years, Peter Kurgan has been one of the leading suppliers for gallery and exhibition needs. The artist offers everything, from advice to individual design, delivery and assembly. 

Peter Kurgan also rents apartments, which are just 60 meters away from the "Heiligen See", directly opposite the park of "Schloss Cecilienhof" in Potsdam: